supernova is a product brand
using “Corian® (artificial marble)”
established by Sasaki Kogei.

A group of craftsmen met with
the new material
and co-created it to create
unprecedented product series.

*Corian® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc., or its affiliates.


Supernova is a product brand established by Sasaki Cogei that uses “Corian® (artificial marble)”. This wood manufacturer — which traces its beginnings to 1976 in a tiny factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido — crafted small articles using “wood”, which was treated preciously in the process. The techniques learned from breathing life into irregular timber offcuts were slowly developed and polished as they went back and forth from manual labor to mechanical processing before evolving into their specialty.

While eco-friendly has become one of the major themes focused in modern society, their posture of using every piece of material created without waste and meticulously processing them individually have remained unchanged since their founding. The encounter and pro-creation between this group of professional artisans with the new material “Corian®” has given birth to a novel product series. Their rich experience in working with “wood” brings out the true charms of “Corian®”, presenting rich experiences and new values.

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